Greek Island Hopping, Paros, Naoussa

Antiparos Cyclades Greece

I had a restless night full of wild and vivid dreams and I woke early.  I like to start the day with tea so I made some and went onto the balcony overlooking the hotel garden building site.  At about eight o’clock the builders started to arrive and were clearly perplexed about where they should move the rocks to today.  Without any sign of a supervisor to give sensible instructions this required thirty minutes or so of volatile chatter which became increasingly louder and excitable as the debate continued.

I was so pleased that we had a car and we had planned a trip to Naoussa on the other side of the island. I think the construction workers (and I use this description in the loosest sense) were somewhat surprised to see a room in occupation and I was convinced that this was the reason for the frequent outbursts of mocking laughter.

Eventually a truckload of stone arrived which prompted more animated discussion about a suitable place to unload it. Presumably the idea was to find the most difficult and inaccessible place on the site so that later the digger driver could move it to where they really want it to be. It actually all became rather amusing.  I could spend a lot of money to watch a farce at a West End show but it wouldn’t be nearly as funny as this was.

Noussa Paros Cyclades Greece

We took our drive to Naoussa and dropped down into the village and into the bustling harbour. It was a lovely place, a genuine combination of tourism and local industry with fishermen mending their nets and preparing last nights catch next to their gaily painted fishing boats of assorted shapes and sizes that were laid up bobbing gently and resting against the harbour walls. This was a much nicer place than Parikia with lots of charming little streets and hidden nooks of interest. We had our breakfast in a side street bar and then walked the length of the village and around the harbour.

Next we drove out of Naoussa and found a beach on the northern tip of the island.  The beach was wide and sandy and we found a spot in the sand dunes to put down our towels and sunbathe.   I went into the sea and when I was far enough out to be discreet I slipped off my swimming trunks and enjoyed swimming without them for a while.  After a drink at a beach side taverna we returned to our apartment stopping on the way back to buy some drinks.

Back at the Bates Motel the dog was still there.  Now, I don’t like dogs and they don’t like me either.  I certainly didn’t like this one.  It was an untidy looking thing that had that annoying habit that a dog has of wanting to stick its nose into my groin for a sniff.  I’m actually very picky about who sniffs my genitals and I am never very comfortable about the close proximity of a set of canine jaws to a part of my anatomy I am very fond of.   And it left that smudge of dribble on my cream shorts, which until it dried made it look as if I had an incontinence problem.  I really hate that.

We walked back to the beach, past the nice hotel with no vacancies, and we spent a leisurely afternoon swimming, snorkelling and sunbathing and at one point I spent thirty minutes at the bar with a beer.  Back at the apartment Sally and Charlotte completed their post card diaries and gave them to me to post to boyfriends and families when I returned home.

Later we went back into town to return the hire car and to have our last evening meal together before I had to go back to Athens to return home.  We walked through the town and the girls used the Internet once more.  I checked the Easyjet site again, just in case, but the airfares remained stubbornly high and I was resigned to having to return home according to my original schedule and not enjoy the enticing two extra days that had been beckoning me.

We had dinner on the sea front in a friendly little taverna and I had my first and only moussaka of the holiday, the girls tried the vegetarian versions and then I shared mine with the cats.

Amorgos Chora Cyclades Greece


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