Greek Island Hopping, Naxos

Arriving in Naxos

I did my only important job of the day and got up early as usual, checked the sky and satisfied that the sun was shining sat on the balcony waiting for the others to join me.  I didn’t have to wait long and we had a breakfast in the hotel that was substantial and very good value at only €3 each. Joining us for breakfast this morning was the loudest cat in the world with a really shouting mew.   It liked the ham that Sally insisted on feeding it but not the children from across the road who kept on chasing it around!

After breakfast we took the bus into Naxos town.  This was a very nice place with cool quiet twisting narrow streets full of atmosphere.  We visited the Venetian castle, which had an interesting little museum with free admission and an ancient monument set on a headland just out of town, we liked it very much and all agreed that we would like to come back here.  The town had nice sea front bars too and of course we just had to stop for a Mythos.  Later we took the bus back to the hotel and prepared for sunbathing and swimming.

In the afternoon we went to the beach for the first time.  We took some courtesy umbrellas from the hotel and it took an age to get them to stay upright because there was a bit of a wind getting up. I used my limited construction skills to arrange some rocks left on the beach and eventually made an almost adequate structure to hold the umbrella upright and the girls managed to get underneath and out of the sun.  Later we all went for a swim and I went for a snorkel.

Naxos Greece Cyclades

Sometimes children can be so badly behaved and Sally went off for a long swimming adventure without telling us where she was going.  After a few minutes I became convinced that she had been carried out to sea by a giant squid or some other equally disagreeable marine monster and I was pacing the beach staring out to sea like Robinson Crusoe looking for her.  Charlotte joined in.  I was so concerned that I nearly called the lifeguard to call out the emergency services.  I was beginning to wonder just how I would explain to everyone back home that I had lost Sally in the sea on the first dip.

Then she turned up without a care in the world, swimming along completely oblivious to the fact that my stress level was pushing my blood pressure way above recommended safety levels for a man of my age.  I issued a perfectly reasonable paternal instruction that she should get out of the sea immediately, she thought about it for about half a second and then turned and defiantly ignored me.  I couldn’t believe it!  Actually she only thought about it for a quarter second.

We went back to the hotel (via the Mythos supermarket) and chilled out around the pool. I found a good spot in the sun on the terrace and set about drinking the beer and reading my book. I chatted to the neighbours again and got respect and admiration for being on holiday with two young girls. After a while I eventually owned up that Sally was my daughter!

We had planned to finish the night with another meal on the beach but the wind was really quite strong now and tablecloths were thrashing about madly in the wind so we choose another taverna instead and sat inside and had a pizza and a big jug of white wine.  White wine is perfectly acceptable I suppose but I do prefer a nice fruity red but it was suitably cheap so who was I to complain? The scrounging cats joined us and were a bit of a nuisance and I tried to shoo them away so Sally stabbed me in the head with her fork (OUCH!).

I was feeling very chilled out now and I decided that I liked Naxos very much indeed.  Back at the hotel we sat on the terrace but due to the combination of the Mythos, the sun and the stress of almost losing my daughter in the sea I was very tired again. I bragged off that I could get to sleep in less than a minute and Sally challenged me to prove it. I accepted the challenge with some confidence and achieved it with several seconds to spare.

Naxos Sunset Cyclades Greece


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