Alghero, Lunchtime Sting and Last Swim


“This land resembles no other place. Sardinia is something else. Enchanting spaces and distances to travel-nothing finished, nothing definitive. It is like freedom itself.”                                                                                                                                    D H Lawrence – ‘Sea and Sardinia’

Having established lunch opening times we found that the weather had improved so much that we had time and could go to the beach so we changed into appropriate clothing and went for a stretch on the sand.  For the third day in a row we went for a swim in the sea but today we decided against tackling the ambitious swim to the rocks.

It was cold when first getting in but for someone bought up on holidays to Norfolk and the forbidding North Sea, believe me this wasn’t a problem at all; my body didn’t break out in goose-bumps so I took this as a sign that the temperature was some degrees comfortably above zero and I enjoyed a swim in the Mediterranean water.

Alghero 3

After our swim we went to the beach restaurant for lunch and sat in the ever-strengthening afternoon sun and enjoyed a really nice meal.  Kim had a black pasta fish dish and I had Sardinian pasta special, both were very good especially washed down with Peroni beer and we enjoyed it very much.  The waitress was very strange however!  With a very abrupt manner and not especially helpful and she was adorned with lots of mystical looking tattoos.  At the end of our meal she tried to pull the trick of under changing that I hate.

This is how it works; you give a €50 note and they give you change for a twenty and hope that you are so relaxed or pissed or stupid that you won’t notice. This had happened before in Florence if you remember so I am aware of it now and when this girl tried to make the sting I spotted it and insisted on my correct change.  We had enjoyed the meal but after that we left and I didn’t leave a tip and this time I made doubly sure that I didn’t leave anything behind that she might have been able to find a use for.

We went back to the beach for a while to chill out and when the temperature started to dip we went back to the hotel, changed and took one last walk into town.  We did the same walk and saw the same sights but we enjoyed it.  We watched the last of the cruisers disembarking from the quay and going back to their ship for medication and recuperation and we watched it set sail for wherever next on its Mediterranean itinerary.

We liked the Popeye boats that were tied up in anticipation of their next sea voyage and ready to go fishing in the business end of the harbour next to their piles of fishing nets and we saw some people practising hang gliding techniques on the windy beach, which looked like really good fun.

Back at the hotel we changed again and waited for our friendly taxi driver who arrived dead on time and took us back to the airport.

We liked Alghero, the weather was kind and our highlights were the beaches, the tranquillity that came from being in a holiday resort out of season, the harbour that had settled down for the winter, the friendly comfortable hotel and the food.

Alghero sardinia small fishing boats


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