Sardinia, Alghero

Alghero Sardinia

There was a little bar that overlooked the sea and we ordered Italian beer and some sandwiches that when they arrived we had to eat quickly because of the unwanted attention of hundreds of irritating flies that quickly became uninvited guests at our table.  The waiter apologised and explained that this time of year is always bad for these little pests.

It was really warm and we were glad of the seafront location as we sat and watched the activity on the promontory overlooking the sea and we were envious of the unhurried pace of life that the local people seemed to enjoy.  A bit of a walk, a bit of a chat, a bit of a walk, a bit of a chat, a bit of a walk, a bit of a chat and then turn around and do it all over again as they dawdle back in the opposite direction.

After our food we walked along the city walls with the stunning views out to sea and we made note of promising looking restaurants for our evening meal.  We frequently detoured into the labyrinth of streets to explore the town and especially liked a deli bar/restaurant but were shocked by the price of the wine and decided instead to look instead for a supermarket.  We walked back out of town and noticed that many bars and restaurants were closed and this troubled us because it looked as though evening meal choices might be limited.

The harbour was full with pristine boats of various sizes bobbing in the water and we made our way back past it to the hotel making several detours down likely looking streets seeking out a supermarket.  Unfortunately we couldn’t find one although it turned out later that we were at one time very close but turned back and gave up just a block too early.  We checked into the hotel, obtained directions from the staff to the supermarket for later and settled into our accommodation.  It was a nice room with a balcony overlooking the sea, which was scooping up the afternoon sunshine.  We unpacked, well when I say unpacked I exaggerate because all we actually did was unzip our bags, we got changed and went to the beach.

This was quite unexpected, the weather was delightful and we lay out in the sun as though it were the middle of summer.    After a while on the beach we left to find the supermarket and purchase some essential alcohol supplies.  This time we found it, it was big, and so how we missed it the first time remains a mystery.

We selected wine, beer and snacks and after witnessing a curious episode of money exchange between the cashier and some Lookie-Lookie men that looked decidedly irregular, we went back to the hotel where we sat on the balcony in the sun and enjoyed our purchases.  Lookie-Lookie men by the way are those irritating men (and women) who try their luck by pestering and selling things you don’t want while you are sitting having a nice meal in a restaurant or sitting on the beach trying to enjoy the sun.

The place was very relaxing with an unhurried pace and after resting and changing we went back into town for our evening meal.  We were a little tired so we didn’t go too far and we choose the first restaurant that we came to which enjoyed an elevated position overlooking the harbour and was busy with contented diners, which we took to mean that the food would be good and we were not to be disappointed.

It was €10 extra to have a seat on the balcony outside so we decided that we could manage without the view of the marina and we sat inside, we ordered and enjoyed a pizza with side salad and a bottle of wine and afterwards we ambled back to the hotel for a nightcap on the balcony.

Alghero Sicily

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  1. I always thought they were “Lookie Lookie” men based on their sales pitch “Look here – I give you good price.”

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