Weekly Photo Challenge: Curves

Portugal Beach

Portugal – January Beaches

After leaving the town we drove to the sea front and were delighted to find an empty golden beach and a big Atlantic Ocean with huge waves crashing in over the rocks that fringed the edge of the water like steadfast guards on eternal sentry duty.

It must have been a very cold night because the damp sand was still frozen and it broke with the snap of a dime bar as we walked across the long roaming silver lines which marked the tide line right down to the rocks and the salty spray.

Portugal Beach



4 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Curves

  1. Hi Andrew,
    I like that you have curves in two posts and two locales :).
    Ah; I am thinking of the sound of waves, right now. I love sea curves. I grew up along the Pacific ocean so the ocean remains very special for me.

  2. Thank You. These beaches in a cold January were wonderful places to be.

  3. These are excellent photos – I lived on an island for a few years and loved the way the waves rolled in and left patterns in the sand. As the commenter before me said – I can hear the waves from looking at your photos. Well done!
    All the best from Brisbane, Australia.

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