Spain, Costa Blanca and the Ex-Pats

La Zenia Spain Costa Blanca

“It was not only in Farol that brusque changes were taking place…they were happening at a breakneck pace all over Spain. Roads, radio, the telephone and now the arrival of tourists… were putting an end to the Spain of old.  And for those who wanted to see it as it had been, there was not a moment to be lost.”      Norman Lewis – ‘Voices of the Old Sea’

We stopped again at La Zenia and dropped in once more at the beach top bar where we baked in the sun and watched the shoreline activity again.  After a cool drink we walked along the beach and Richard brazenly ogled the topless bathers in his usual indiscreet style.   One day he is sure to get slapped in the face but until that happens I suppose he will just go on enjoying his little beach walks in the sun.

After we had seen enough of the topless ladies we drove further south to a more refined beach resort at Dehesa de Campoamor which was a nice little place where we found a perfectly acceptable little beach bar where we sizzled for a while longer in the sun and listened in to the conversations of the British ex-pats.

Sadly conversation is severely limited and there are only three main topics; the first is about property, how much they paid for their place and how much it is worth now, second how it was the best decision that they ever made in their lives and third how they would never ever go back because Britain is such a bad place to live because of the crime.

EXCUSE ME!  At least I don’t have to worry myself stupid about security and live behind security grills and more locks and keys than you’d find in a high security prison.  Some of these people have lost all sense of reality and spend most of their time trying to convince themselves that they made the right decision when they sold up, left their heritage behind and relocated to the sun.  Personally I am not convinced.

Once again however that is just my point of view of course and it is possible to look at it from a different perspective as I was reminded by fellow blogger roughseasinthemed:

“I do think that’s a bit unfair. While it certainly wasn’t what I wanted to do, I don’t have an issue with people who move to the costas, live in seafront flats, and drink with their mates down the British pubs”

It was time to move on so we drove back to the apartment for an afternoon of leisure.  Unfortunately naked swimming was now out of the question because the night before some people had gate crashed our holiday and moved in to the apartment next door and when we arrived back to the garden they had taken up sunbathing positions around the pool.

We minded our own business for quite a while but eventually we were overcome with curiosity and we just had to strike up a conversation with our new neighbour.  It took a while to get beyond the three main topics of conversation but we quickly realised that here was a man who was the vice-president of the neighbourhood association and this was a role that he took very seriously indeed and he was looking forward to the Annual General Meeting which was due to take place later this week.

He was so boring that we started to look forward to it as well, because this was going to be fun!  He introduced us to the hierarchy of Spanish property ownership; first of all there are the owners and they are top of the pile, and then below them are the guests, these are the people who are using the apartments as friends of the owners and this is where we fitted in, and right at the bottom (actually some way at the bottom) are the renters, who are common people who can’t afford overseas property investments and don’t have friends who can either.

It was at this time that Richard played a despicable trick on me.  He was engaged in conversation with Pete and anxious to get away before his brain melted with tedium strain he seized the moment brilliantly when I wandered up to join in and he took the opportunity to disappear inside and back to the fridge bar.  It took me at least fifteen minutes to get away myself after being subjected to a barrage of boasting and a conversation about optimistic Spanish property valuations.

After that we did much the same as on the previous nights; went to Villamartin where we went to the same restaurant and enjoyed another good meal and then went back to the apartment for late night drinks, reflection on the day past and optimism about tomorrow’s round of golf.

Dali Sunbathers Catalonia Figueres


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