Sorrento – Come Back to Italy?

Italy Postcard

After the busy day in Rome we spent the final day of the holiday close to the hotel, a short walk here and there and a long lazy afternoon around the swimming pool and a day doing nothing in particular was most welcome.  It was a good day but ended late afternoon with a disappointment at the ice cream café.

Everyday that we had been going there the portions got bigger but today there were back to day one size and we were forced to conclude that having missed a day we had to start from scratch rather like a game of snakes and ladders and that was a shame because of course we were going home the next day.

For the final evening we had booked to go out on an Italian music night so after dinner we set off for a nearby bar where things were already in full swing and a troup of musicians in traditional clothing were already very lively indeed.  The place got busier and busier as more people started to arrive and the cheap wine was flowing liberally.

We had a wonderful time on this final night, dad had a beer and finished up joining the band and having a whale of a time playing a curious wooden arrangement called the knockers, which you will not be surprised to learn made a knocking sound.  We left around midnight and were amused to watch some other British holidaymakers who had had one or two beers too many trying to attach a Union Flag to a statue in the middle of a water fountain.  They fell in of course which made us both laugh!

On the next day, Saturday, after breakfast we packed and waited for the coach to collect us to take us to the airport.  Dad found a nearly full packet of cigarettes on the pavement and gave them to the cleaner at the hotel as a small tip.  She was so grateful that I thought she might make love to him right there and then.  And then in a state of shock he lost the key that was impossible to lose and we had to apologise to the hotel staff when we picked up our last packed lunch but they told us not to worry they were sure that they would find it and as we sat on the coach they did and they rushed out to let us know they had.  That was good of them, but they needn’t have bothered because we weren’t the slightest bit concerned.

We drove to Naples airport, ate our packed lunches on the grass outside and flew back to Luton and that was the end of my first holiday to Europe and the two weeks that made me want to go back over and over again just as often as I can.

And that’s my plan!  Almost thirty years later I went back to Sorrento, this time with my son Jonathan and I played the role of the dad.

42 Capri


Sorrento 2004

And not just Sorrento but other marvellous places as well and since I caught the travel bug I have not deserted Italy and have returned to Venice (three times), Rome, Tuscany (where it rained continuously so I need to go back again) Sardinia and Sicily and then most recently to Puglia in the south-east.


7 responses to “Sorrento – Come Back to Italy?

  1. I might bump into you in Puglia – I’ll be there in May, staying in Polignano a Mare.

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