Sorrento, Amalfi and Ravello

Amalfi Italy

Amalfi was a beautiful town, but the traffic was horrendous and parking is a real problem.  The coach operators have to book a slot in the main car park and there is a constant queue of vehicles waiting for their precious turn to set down their passengers.

Once through the approach tunnels and finally inside it is a lovely town with a grand cathedral and lots of sprawling back streets with interesting shops and restaurants.  While we were there we took an interesting boat trip with which provided views of the homes of famous film stars including Sophia Loren, Roger Moore and Gina Lollbrigida, who was said to be the most beautiful woman ever in the world and who had the lettuce called the lollo rosso named after her famous curly red hair.

The patron Saint of Amalfi is Saint Andrew whose relics, it is said, were brought to Amalfi in 1206 from Constantinople shortly after the completion of the town’s cathedral. It is dedicated to Saint Andrew and contains a tomb in the crypt which, if you believe it, still holds a portion of the relics of the apostle.  During Mass on holy days, Saint Andrew’s relics are said to exude a liquid called ‘St. Andrew’s Manna’ and people are anointed with the liquid, and many believe it to have miraculous qualities.

If it is true it sounds rather messy to me and I imagine the chemist shops probably think it is miraculous when they sell gallons of hair shampoo for what must be a massive clean up after these sticky events!

When we left Amalfi we carried on for a few kilometres along the coast to Majori where we finally left the picturesque road and headed inland for the return journey.  After a while we stopped in the charming little town of Ravello which was just waiting to ambush tourists returning from the drive and in the busy main square there were an assortment of little tourist shops, cafés and bars.  We looked around but Jonathan was feeling quite poorly now so we sat in the shade and waited for the appointed time to return to the coach for the last stage of the journey back to Sorrento.

Jonathan rested and went to the shop for some beers and some medical supplies and then sat on the balcony in the last of the afternoon sun and enjoyed a couple of bottles of Pironi.  Later we had a second disappointing meal and then with Jonathan burning up had an early night and hoped that he would be better in the morning because we were due to visit nearby Pompeii.

Amalfi Italy


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