Memorable Train Journeys

Italy – Albano Laziale to Rome

What a shock that was as a Trenitalia train, at least forty years old and liberally covered in graffiti, creaked into the station and pulled up at the platform.  The hiss of the doors opening could well have been mistaken for a sigh of relief at the end of a heavy chore.

Wales – The Vale of Rheidol Light Railway

The Vale of Rheidol Light Railway was authorised by Act of Parliament in August 1897 and at the time of building it was state of the art narrow gauge construction that passed through terrain where it would have been almost impossible to build a standard gauge line without prohibitive costs.

Wales – Talyllyn Railway

The Talyllyn Railway is a narrow-gauge preserved railway in Wales that runs for nearly twelve kilometres from the town of Tywyn on the Mid-Wales coast to Nant Gwernol near the village of Abergynolwyn

Slovenia – Ljubljana to Klagenfurt

The train arrived on time pulled by a tired looking electric engine that looked as though it had had a long working life and with carriages that were old but were comfortable and spacious and it pulled out of the station and began to efficiently pick up speed.

Latvia – Riga to Jurmala

We have been to Jūrmala both by mini-bus and by taxi before but this time we decided to travel by train.  Thankfully this only involved a journey of about thirty minutes or so because take it from me – this was not the Orient Express and certainly not one of the great railway journeys of the world.

Slovakia – Bratislava to Vienna

Shortly out of Bratislava two men in military uniforms wandered through the train checking documents.  I naturally assumed that they were checking tickets so was surprised when they showed no interest in these whatsoever and demanded travel documents instead.  What a good idea it would have been therefore to take a passport!

Austria – Salzburg to Berchtesgaden

There was a much better railway fare offer today and although we wanted to pay individually the man at the ticket office explained patiently (several times) that we could buy a group ticket for all of us for much less.

Austria – Salzburg to Hallstatt

On a visit to Salzburg we went on a train journey and visited the village of Hallstatt, which claims to be the most attractive place in all of Austria.  We were delighted to find that the carriage was one with individual compartments because these are our favourites and we settled in for the ride.

Germany – Black Forest Mountain Railway

In this middle section the train has to ascend six-hundred metres through a series of helical tunnels and this part of the line was the most complicated to construct and was completed last.  The route passes through thirty-seven tunnels in this section alone and across one large viaduct at Hornberg.

Italy – Sorrento to Pompeii

The Circumvesuviana is an electrified narrow-gauge railway that runs throughout the Sorrentine peninsula and we enjoyed a very scenic journey as the line passed through many tunnels and over several bridges.


5 responses to “Memorable Train Journeys

  1. Hi Andrew,

    I only have a modest experience for travelling in Europe but I too share your passion for all the culture and history we have right here on our door step.

    Whilst spending two weeks travelling central Europe on an Interrail pass in 2009 I spent 4 and a half hours on the train from Munich to Zurich, luckly it was a day train so I spent the entire journey hanging out of one of the windows taking photos of the magnificent scenery we passed.

    I am planning a double headed tour next year to the Baltics and Scandinavia along with a trip to Croatia and Slovenia all thanks to Ryanair and there lovely low fares.

    Happy Travelling

    Regards Mike

  2. I read with interest your various train ventures as I love train travel…usually. The exception was what I termed: Nostalgic Train Ride…in Hell which details my harrowing overnight trip from Dijon to Venice. In case you are interested, it can be found at

  3. I love travelling by train and did a two week ‘trip in the US this summer ( I now plan to do one or more travel-by-train trips a year and am on the look-out for good sets of track to explore. Thanks for these 🙂

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